WorldPop Open Population Repository

The WorldPop Open Population Repository (WOPR) provides access to gridded population estimates and related data created using bespoke methods for individual countries, including final products as well as early experimental results. Refer to data README for more information. Some of these data sets can be explored using WorldPop web applications. Global population data sets that are consistent across countries and years are available from the WorldPop website.

ISO3 Category File Date Version
SLE Buildings Gridded maps of building patterns 2020-07-08 v1.1
SLE Buildings README: SLE Buildings v1.1 2020-07-08 v1.1
SLE SocialDistancing Polygon and point shapefiles with urban extents and centres 2021-02-19 v1.0
SLE SocialDistancing Polygon shapefile with index values for ease of social distancing 2021-02-19 v1.0
SLE SocialDistancing README: SLE SocialDistancing v1.0 2021-02-19 v1.0